5 dangerous signs, risk of “windfall”

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Men and women who have problems with their eyesight until wearing glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis including young adolescents and office workers use their eyes on the computer screen too much. You may have experienced eye irritation, dry eyes, burning eyes, right? Perhaps these symptoms are warning signs of “glaucoma” that may require immediate treatment.

5 dangerous signs, risk of "windfall"

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease caused by degeneration of the conjunctiva that is common. It looks like a white UFABET or yellow lump with a small size, located in the sclera towards the inner corner of the eye or the outer corner of the eye (but found in the area closer to the inner corner of the eye). But if allowed to be larger may spread to become a sheet that obscures the black eye make vision worse and become pterygium

What is the cause of glaucoma?

Even though it’s called Tolom But it was not caused by the wind in any way. Winds are caused by many reasons, such as UV rays from sunlight, light bulbs. Dust from the environment. or heat that causes irritation around the conjunctiva

In addition, if you have frequent dry eyes. It may occur naturally from dry eyes. or wearing contact lenses with low water content causing dry eyes It may increase the risk of developing glaucoma as well.

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

Warning signs that you may have glaucoma include:

  1. Itchy eyes, burning eyes, watery eyes
  2. Found a small lump like pulp, like a clear, yellowish-yellow jelly. in the conjunctiva
  3. There may be red eyes in the area where the lump is found.
  4. The more you use your eyes in an area that is exposed to strong sunlight, wind, and dust in your eyes, the symptoms will get worse.
  5. If the symptoms get worse The lump was enlarged until it spread to the pupil. May cause the ability to see decreased, blurred vision, blurred vision, unable to see clearly.

Therefore, if anyone encounters such symptoms Should hurry to see an ophthalmologist. for timely treatment before spreading into pterygium It may be given as eye drops. or rest the eyes to use less reduce the use of contact lenses or if there is so much inflammation that it interferes with vision or the lump is getting bigger and bigger Your doctor may consider glaucoma removal as a last resort. But most of them do not have serious symptoms that require surgery. Therefore, hurry to see a doctor early. will be the best