A collection of 7 things that girls need to know before getting their hair done for the first time so that they can think carefully and not make a mistake.

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Hi Sis! It’s time to meet, join together, exchange good stories with each other.

Girls, do you think that besides clothes can help us change our style? Another thing that can help change the look to become another person is ” hair coloring ” because just dyeing your hair a new color that has never been done before. It will help adjust the look for us to look very different from the original. If you don’t believe me, just look at when she dyes her hair a new color. People around me always said that “Did you dye your hair?” / “Did your hair color change?” That’s because hair is easily seen and at eye level.

And for young people who have never dyed their hair before in their lives. In the past, I only changed my hair style. Maybe you’ve secretly wanted to try dyeing your hair as well, right? Today we are going to take you to check 7 things that girls need to know before “first hair color” how to prepare / prepare yourself? And how will her hair change? In case you can take these information into consideration carefully before deciding to color your hair.

A collection of 7 things that girls need to know before getting their hair done for the first time so that they can think carefully and not make a mistake.

1. If you want to dye your hair, you need to consider “hair color” and “skin tone”.

When a sister search for a beautiful hair color in the internet You will probably feel amazing and can’t decide which color to get for sure because the hair color of the models on the online world looks so beautiful and eye-catching. But deciding to color your hair each time The first thing to consider is her “natural hair color” and “skin tone”. Because if her natural hair is very dark And if you want to dye your hair a bright color, you may have to bleach your hair several times. In addition, each person’s skin tone is different. Suitable for different hair colors, such as white and yellow people Suitable for dark brown / reddish brown / red hair or pinkish white skin. Which matching the hair color to the skin color will also drive the skin to look more beautiful as well. 

2. Try to ask yourself carefully. What color hair do you want?

After considering my hair color and skin tone. It’s time to decide on the hair color that you like the most. You don’t want to go into the store naked. and just say “Come dye my hair!” That’s all. because no matter how skillful the hair stylist is There is no way to guess what color the customer wants to dye their hair. And if it’s good, it should Save the photo of the hair color you want to use as a Ref. for the hairdresser to see. too If only she said “Dye your hair light brown”. After dyeing your hair, you get a shade of light brown that you don’t like. 

This work will swing at the mechanic saying #Not the same as what we’ve talked about, but if you have a picture of your hair color sample, show it to the hairdresser. So he can check what steps your hair needs to be done? Do I have to bleach my hair? In order to get the hair color that matches her cover and likes her the most anyway 

3. may not have the hair color that you like in the first hair color

For Sis girls who want to try dyeing their hair for the first time by themselves. We would like to ask you to bear in mind that the model’s hair color that appears on the box and The actual hair color that can be dyed may not be the same. or the color may look crazy You can go from the ad image. Because how dark or light will the hair color after dyeing come out? It depends on her original hair texture. Especially those who want to dye their hair a bright shade or golden blonde. But the natural hair color is black, it may not be the color that suits you the first time. Therefore, please accept the limitations in this regard before deciding to color your hair as well. so that you don’t have to feel too heavy after dyeing your hair. 

4. Brilliant hair colors tend to fade faster than natural colors.

We believe that there must be girls. Many people don’t like anything that looks repetitive. rejoice with others or prefer to stand out as the center of attention Like this, she may want to dye her hair in a very painful color that anyone who sees it will surely turn their heads. yellow, ทางเข้า ufabet etc. When newly dyed, the hair color may be bright, wow, it’s true. But these hair colors will fade faster than natural hair color. Such as dark brown, light brown or reddish brown. It’s more important than dyeing your hair to a brilliant color. Yes, I have to go through bleaching my hair first. When the color fades out quickly, it may not feel worth the time and money that was wasted.

5. After coloring hair, the condition of the hair will change.

Young people who have never colored their hair or have never used harsh chemicals on their hair before. They would definitely have hair that is soft and shiny, but if you want to change your look to a new person by coloring your hair. I would like to accept that early on that the hair will definitely be hurt. Because the process of coloring hair requires products that contain chemicals that may harm the hair and scalp. Until causing irritation or dry and damaged hair, so choosing a safe and quality hair color product is very important. and then have to diligently nourish the hair after coloring more than usual To revive the hair back to be strong and shiny again.

6. must switch to products for colored hair.

In the past, when you haven’t dyed your hair, you girls may use normal shampoo or conditioner formulas sold in general department stores. But after coloring your hair, you need to change your hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and various hair treatments, to use a formula specifically for colored hair, because these products will focus on helping to restore the hair. dry and damaged from coloring to return to strength not hardened Importantly, some products for colored hair have properties to help cover the cuticle. to lock the hair color from peeling off quickly as well In addition to having to prepare money for hair coloring Don’t forget to save some money for shopping for hair color products as well .

If you compare the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing your hair by yourself VS going to a hair salon, if a girl chooses to dye her hair by herself, of course it will save more money anyway. Because you have to buy only hair dye / hair color foam and equipment A little more in the hundreds only Compared to going to a beauty salon to get your hair colored, it can cost thousands of baht. But the downside of dyeing your hair yourself is that you might not get the color you want. And there is a risk that the hair will be damaged more. If you choose to use bad products or dye your hair incorrectly, this is it. Therefore, if anyone wants to get a hair color that matches his heart exactly. with quality products and made by professional hairdressers We suggest that going to a beauty salon to get your hair colored will answer the question and be safer.

How are you? after having checked Things to know first “Hair dyed for the first time”until all 7 items have been completed, we are confident that this time the girls You probably already know that before deciding to dye your hair for the first time What should she consider? How do I prepare? How should I take care of my hair after coloring? Including how will the condition of the hair change? Therefore, anyone who wants to try hair color once in their lifetime. I asked her to think carefully. Is it possible to deal with these things? And if the answer is “It won’t hurt to try it!” So don’t hesitate and go dye your hair in a beautiful and popular color.