Did you know? Why do I have to have my wisdom teeth removed before the age of 25?

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Wisdom teeth are teeth that cannot come into their normal position. Within the period of normal eruption of teeth It is most often found in the permanent lower third molar. Which will appear in the mouth at the age of about 17-21 years. If after this age but still no normal teething will give a diagnosis of wisdom teeth

Did you know? Why do I have to have my wisdom teeth removed before the age of 25?

wisdom teeth removal

Because wisdom teeth are teeth that are blocked by tooth tissue or bone. Therefore cannot use forceps to extract like normal teeth. Therefore, the method must be used to cut the gums, cut the bones and cut out the teeth one by one. All wisdom teeth can be removed. Without harming the adjacent teeth or other parts nearby that area. However, there is no need to wait for wisdom teeth to appear first. Normally, human molars have 3 teeth on each side with the first teeth appearing at about 6 years old. The second teeth appearing at the age of 10-11 years, and the third teeth appearing at the age of 18 years. Three still hasn’t appeared, so go for an x-ray and perform surgery.

Can I not have wisdom teeth removed?

Answers that dentists often give That is, it should be surgically removed. Because the area is the wisdom tooth. Often difficult to clean Often food scraps are accumulated. At the space between the wisdom teeth and the adjacent teeth This can cause the gums that cover the teeth to become inflamed. It can also cause nearby teeth to decay or cause gum disease. Wisdom teeth can also cause inflammation of the gums. missing teeth problem adjacent teeth decay. It can also cause a cyst around the wisdom tooth.

Why do I have to have my wisdom teeth removed before the age of 25?

Because sometimes as a result of wisdom teeth surgery may cause complications like numbness around the lower lip and chin. These symptoms are the result of injuries. of the nerves that feed the teeth in the lower jaw This nerve is sometimes found to be very close to the wisdom teeth. Until they cannot be separated from each other Numbness may last for days, months, or years, depending on the severity of the injury to the nerve. But the numbness will not interfere with life. or the perception of the taste of food in any way. Therefore, to avoid such numbness. Dentists often recommend surgical removal of wisdom teeth in adolescents aged around 18-25 years. Because the root of the UFABET tooth is not long enough to be close to the nerve itself.