Nourish your hair to be black, shiny and not fall out with 6 herbs near you.

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Any girl who is having problems with hair loss For any reason, today we will invite you to nourish your hair to be strong and naturally shiny with 6 types of herbs close to you.

Nourish your hair to be black, shiny and not fall out with 6 herbs near you.

1. Anchan:
Start by extracting the water from the butterfly pea flowers to marinate the hair all over the scalp for about 15 minutes before taking a shower and washing your hair. This is just to strengthen the hair roots. Helps to make black hair shiny. It also helps prevent gray hair as well. Because the properties of butterfly pea help nourish the hair to be black and shiny. and helps treat hair loss effectively

2. Kaffir lime
, whether girls choose to use hair products containing kaffir lime juice Or you can choose to use kaffir lime oil to marinate your hair. because bergamot helps nourish the scalp prevent hair loss Get rid of dandruff well. It also helps to stimulate new hair to grow quickly as well.

3. centella asiatica
just girls blended centella asiatica leaves with clean water filter only water Then bring it to a simmer with coconut water. and apply it all over the scalp Leave it on for about 3 minutes and wash it off. This just helps to nourish the hair to be black and shiny. It also helps to reduce the problem of hair loss as well. Because centella asiatica helps stimulate blood circulation around the scalp as well. thus making the hair roots strong So the hair falls less.

4. Aloe Vera
For the use of aloe vera to nourish the hair to be black, shiny and not fall off, the girls simply apply the gel from the aloe vera to the hair before washing their hair for about 10 minutes, regularly doing it regularly. Just this will see the change of the hair anyway.

5. Ginseng
The use of ginseng to nourish the hair to be black and shiny and reduce the problem of hair loss. As if detoxing the toxins that remain on the scalp and hair roots, it would not be too much. Because ginseng contributes to effective blood circulation. So it can nourish the hair better. So the hair is black, shiny and strong. Not easy to fall off

Moringa Moringa is an herb that helps relieve itchy scalp caused by fungus. It also boosts the immune system for the scalp as well. It also helps reduce excess fat that tends to make the scalp sticky and itchy. And more important than that is Ginseng helps the ยูฟ่าเบท blood to circulate well. until raising the scalp even more It also effectively reduces hair loss problems.

let’s say girls Anyone who has hair loss problems easily for any reason Whatever destroyed me Try to maintain and nourish your hair with all 6 herbs that we have mentioned above. Believe that these herbs help reduce hair loss problems well. It can also cast a spell on the hair of girls. Gives natural black shine as well