Aurier admits he never thought of moving to Arsenal

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Although it is the main character of Tottenham Hotspur. It is true that Serge Aurier began to run out of challenges in his career. It wanted to move back to France. The main goal of Cairns. J Aurier is Paris Saint-Germain. Serge Aurier has confirmed that he will not play for Tottenham Hotspur for sure. He making Tottenham Hot. Spurs had to terminate their contract with Serge Aurier immediately. There are many teams want Serge Aurier to join the team. Especially the French Ligue 1 team.

But Arsenal seem to be keen on Serge Aurier as they are looking for a new right-back following the release of Hector Bellerin to Real. Betis is completed and is likely to move the team with a permanent contract for sure, which usually Tottenham Hotspur players do not move directly to Arsenal because both teams are Direct opponents, plus in the past, players who switched the polarity between the two teams have been criticized quite a bit.

And it was Villarreal who successfully brought in Serge Aurier to join the team, which Serge Aurier insisted that he never thought of moving to Arsenal until he parted ways. With Tottenham Hotspur in a bad way, Serge Aurier posted on Instagram: “I want to thank all Tottenham Hotspur fans. Someone who has always supported me and over the last four years was a wonderful time when I parted ways with Tottenham with very good memories and I was never going to move to Arsenal. Absolutely because I don’t want to face Tottenham Hotspur and I wish Tottenham Hotspur good luck.