Barcelona posted a loss of 408 million pounds last season.

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Barcelona, ​​the giants of the Spanish La Liga war, announced their results that The club lost £408 million in the 2020-21 season.

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Giants from Catalan facing serious financial problems. It can be said that there are problems both on off the field. Their financial problems were so critical that they couldn’t sign Lionel Messi because they couldn’t bear the wages. 

Jones Laporta, president of Barcelona has revealed that Barca are in debt at more than £1 billion. forcing their board to work hard to make the situation worse. They tackled this by negotiating with high-paid players to reduce their wages. It was reported that Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets were among the first players to agree to take a pay cut. Let some players leave the team. Such as Antoine Griezmann and Miralem Pjanic in the past summer.

Chao Boon Thing has to lose a lot of revenue from the sale of tickets to the game. Selling souvenirs from the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus Causing to have to kick the field closed to not have football fans But at present, football fans will be able to view the games at 40% of the stadium’s capacity. Their Camp Nou stadium has a capacity of 99,354, meaning they will sell around 40,000 tickets to supporters.

Most recently, they announced the club’s earnings that they lost 408 million pounds after taxes. And cost the club up to 967 million pounds, as the result of exorbitant wages is one of the main problems.