Bremer is set to part ways with Torino at the end of the season.

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Although Torino has a lot of reinforcements and most of the players have performed quite satisfactory. But the overall performance of Torino is not that good and almost played in Serie B last season. Although Torino’s performance in the 2021/22 season has started to improve with two wins from seven games. But is still far from the top of the table. So many key players decided to part ways with Torino for a successful career in football.

By Glenson Bremer is one of the players who have been rumored to move the team continuously. Plus most of them are the top teams in Europe as well. Which Torino does not want to release players. The key player left the team at the time of building this team. But the problem is that Glayson Bremer has yet to agree a new contract offered by Torino and with just two remaining. A year only means Torino may have to cut the price of Glenn Bremer in order to prevent the loss of a player from the team without getting anything back ufabet.

Liverpool are one of the favorites to bring Glenson Bremer to the team successfully. Even though Liverpool have a lot of defenders to choose from, and previously just brought in Ibrahima Konate. Join the team as well, but besides Liverpool, there are also Manchester United and Manchester City who are also interested in Gayson Bremer.