Emerson Royale accepted learning English was not easy at all.

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Emerson Royale played in his home country with Ponte Preta. Atletico Mineiro before moving to La Liga. Real Betis and Barcelona agreeing. Holding the rights together and giving Emerson Royal to the field with Real Betis before adapting to the Spanish La Liga battle. It seems that Emerson Royale will do the job well. It was great before Barcelona agreed to pay £12million to bring Emerson Royale to the team as a sole player.

Despite having Sergino Dest in charge at right-back. Emerson Royale is ready to squeeze into the starting XI. Emerson Royal’s performance on the pitch has been excellent. As well, the news of the transfer began to come out immediately. Even though he had just arrived and Barcelona, ​​who were having financial problems, accepted the offer made by Tottenham Hotspur. Coming immediately, which the urgent move to football in the English Premier League is quite difficult for Emerson Royale.

Emerson Royale admits that learning English and adapting to the English Premier League is not an easy task, but it is a new challenge as well, given by Emerson Royale. The interview said, “English is quite difficult which Spanish is not that difficult if you have a Portuguese background, but here it is not because it is very difficult to understand without a good foundation of the language that I started. I have learned and understood more about my teammates, although not completely, but I understand what they are communicating with ufabet.”