Fred reveals his work in Brazil is not finished yet.

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Manchester United’s Brazilian midfielder Fred has revealed that his job in Brazil is not yet finished. That he hopes to return to his home country before deciding to retire from professional football.

Previously, Fred used to play with Internacional Before. But after being pushed up to play for the first team for only two years. It was Shakhtar Donetsk who decided to bring Fred to join the UFABET team for only 13 million pounds. Over the course of 5 years of trading. At Shakhtar Donetsk, Fred appears to be a huge success and has won 10 trophies. Including three Ukrainian Premier League titles, three Ukrainian Cups and Ukrainian Super Cup. 4 more times

Before it became Manchester United, who brought Fred to join the team for a fee of up to 49 million pounds, but Fred’s performance seemed not satisfactory and had to sit as a substitute for a while before Started to work clearly better and was able to squeeze into the main character of Manchester United successfully, although the manager was changed to Ralph Rangnick, but Fred was still the one. The core of Manchester United is the same and has also been called up to the Brazilian national team.

But Fred has plans to return to football in his home country again and possibly return to his old team. Internacional because his job in Brazil is not yet accomplished by Fred said in an interview: “It’s a matter of the future for me to return to Brazil and I can’t answer much at the moment, plus I’m playing. In my home country for a few years, I have to move to another country, so it is clear that my work in Brazil is not finished and I hope to return to my home country again.”