Great statistics! Wonderkid Milan played 87 games, scoring nearly 500 goals.

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AC Milan’s Francesco Camarda Wonderkid has set an incredible record. Scored 483 goals in 87 appearances for the youth team.

AC Milan’s Francesco Camarda, 13-year-old striker, has set a brutal record with nearly 500 goals for the youth team.

13-year-old Camarda joined Milan’s youth academy five years ago, scoring 247 goals in 40 games in 2017-18, averaging 6.175 per game. Jobs 172 goals in just 40 games in the 2018-19 season and 64 goals in 16 games in the 2019/20 season, although some games are not 11v11 full team games, but the statistics His is unbelievable.

He is currently being pushed up to play for AC Milan’s Under-15s at the age of just 13. He will join Denzel Miguel Viana Seedorf, son of Claren. Z Seedorf, former Dutch midfielder