Moura: Spurs should only finish in the top four

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Tottenham Hotspur had previously secured a place in the top four with a very strong squad. But now many teams have been upgraded to the top of the English Premier League. There are teams that regularly occupy the top four. It difficult to stay in the top four of Tottenham Hotspur and last season. Tottenham Hotspur are only seventh in the table. They’re still good at qualifying for the Europa Conference League.

And in the 2021/22 season, Tottenham will still be in the top four again before making a beautiful debut with three consecutive wins but then lost. Consequently, 3 matches in a row, until falling out of the top four immediately, is still good to be able to win in the last 2 games until now moving up to 5th in the table, which Lucas Mou Rao has revealed that bringing Tottenham to the end of the season in the top four remains the primary goal of everyone in the squad.

“The fact that we have famous players in the team and Tottenham Hotspur is still a big team puts us under a lot of pressure, but at the moment our situation is just a team. The only Europa Conference League area and we only want to get back into the top four to win the Champions League qualifiers because that’s our goal and in the battle. The UEFA Champions League is a place that only suits a team like Tottenham Hotspur.”