Neville reveals Chelsea is a team to win trophies

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Although there have been some bad times. Chelsea under Roman Abramovich had missed out on European Cups. Sometimes having only to play in the Europa League and now Chelsea. Back up in the top four areas successfully, plus last season, just won the UEFA Champions League as well, making Chelsea under the team of Thomas Tuchel and when This is seen as the favorite team to win the English Premier League, with a result of 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss in 8 matches.

And now Chelsea are still leading No. 1 in the table, leading only 1 point away from second place, Liverpool. “Chelsea have proven to be good enough to win the English Premier League, despite There’s also Manchester City and Liverpool.”

“Of course, Manchester City’s performance against Chelsea was unbelievable, but against Chelsea this team has never been an easy task for any team and no team would want. Against Chelsea, of course, plus the main team at the moment is very strong, and personally I am confident that Chelsea can win the English Premier League title. FA Champions League