Nkunku never thought of moving to Chelsea.

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Despite the release of several key players in the last transfer market. RB Leipzig still have some outstanding players. Especially Christopher Nku Naku has been outstanding with nine goals. Three assists in just 10 appearances and with Christopher Nkunku being a player. At a young age, many teams are ready to offer offers to RB Leipzig in the hopes of bringing Christopher Nkunku to the team.

Chelsea is one of the teams that have always been interested in Christopher Nkunku. Ready to make an offer to RB Leipzig to consider immediately. Christopher Nkunku worked with Thomas Tuchel before at Paris Saint-Germain. But most recently it was Christopher Nkunku confirmed that he was still happy with RB Leipzig. There are no plans to move to Chelsea as well. Despite having worked with Thomas Tuchel by the French midfielder. gave an interview that

“When I was still at Paris Saint-Germain, I had to think very hard about my position since Thomas Tuchel came  ufabet in and it frustrates me quite a bit with the situation and the contract back then. I had to decide whether to stay with Paris Saint-Germain or not before I decided to leave Paris Saint-Germain immediately and it was the right decision.”