Varane is very happy with Manchester United

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After a short career in his home country. Rafael Varane immediately chose to move to Real Madrid. Stood as the main figure of Real Madrid for a very long time. He won many trophies both in country and on the European stage. But after many years with Real Madrid. News has emerged that Rafael Varane is looking for a new experience in his career. That it is Manchester United is willing to spend. £34 million to bring Rafael Varane to the team.

Rafael Varane was able to step up to be the main character of Manchester United immediately. Also performed quite satisfactory results. Unfortunately, the performance of Manchester United in The latter has been somewhat unsatisfactory, but Rafael Varane admits moving to Manchester United was a challenging new experience and is now happy with the new experience, Rafael Varane said in an interview. “I am very happy to begin a new adventure.”

“As you know, the English Premier League is a very intense league and the atmosphere is very different from other places, which is a new experience that I have never encountered and personally I am very happy to move. Come to play in the English Premier League, it is also a departure from my safe area again, including working with a new group of teammates, of course, the style of play has changed as well and it is very interesting. For me, “Rafael Varane is preparing to take Manchester United to visit Leicester City after the international break.