5 ways to maintain hair during hot and humid weather Say goodbye to fluffy hair like a lion!

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Any girl who has hair problems like a lion until destroying his own personality Today we will help you gain confidence in yourself again. Because we have shared ways to nourish frizzy hair during hot and humid weather, let’s try to follow โปรโมชั่น ufabet along. Guaranteed that the problem of frizzy hair will never destroy your confidence anymore. If you’re ready, let’s go and say goodbye to my fluffy hair like a lion.

5 ways to maintain hair during hot and humid weather Say goodbye to fluffy hair like a lion!

1. Use hair conditioner without washing it off.
Using hair conditioner without washing off by stroking the ends of the hair before leaving the house Helps to reduce the pointing of the lines as well. The secret to using leave-in conditioners for the most results is to After washing your hair, you should blow dry your hair. Then squeeze the pearl-sized amount of cream for long hair and for short hair , squeeze about a mung bean. Then use your fingertips to warm the cream and rub it from the ends of the hair to the middle of the hair. Most importantly, it should be made as thin as possible.

2. Spray to prevent frizzy hair.
If using hair conditioner without washing out Still not confident enough that I won’t point out. It is recommended to use anti-frizz hairspray. Guarantee that it stays in shape all day long. Because the properties of this type of spray help lock the hair condition when injected to be durable.

3. Use a special moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. There will be amino acids, aloe vera, honey, natural oils, etc. These components will help the scalp and hair to be deeply restored. Helps shiny hair Has weight and volume Along with the pointing of the hair, it will disappear as well.

4. Use an oil-based hair serum
Another way to help with frizzy hair is to use an oil-based hair serum because it adds moisture to your hair. Recommend girls to rub the serum from the ends of the hair back up to almost the roots. which after shampooing and applying conditioner Should wait for the hair to dry completely. and then followed by applying the serum on the hair

5. Hair fermentation every week.
Hair fermentation deeply nourishes and revitalizes frizzy hair. It is recommended to use a thick creamy hair mask. And there is a mixture of oils that focus on restoring the hair cuticle. Whether it’s argan oil avocado oil Whether rosemary oil or milk, these ingredients are great at nourishing frizzy hair.

In addition to the 5 ways to nourish frizzy hair that we have mentioned above. There are quite a variety of ways that can make girls. Say good-bye to your hair that looks like a lion with great results. Especially avoiding stretching or bending. This will make the hair scales weaker and easier to break. We hope that girls With frizzy hair, consider these suggestions. Then apply it to each other.